Ways to Help

It is a pleasure for our Development Office Staff to send greetings to our faithful benefactors who support our retirement and ministry needs. You truly are partners in mission as you share the resources God has given you. Your intentions are included in our every prayer and on the 26th of each month a Mass is offered for you and your families

Development Office Mission

The Mission of the Development Office of the Sisters of Holy Cross in the U.S. Region is established to provide a vehicle by which the friends and relatives of the Sisters can become actively engaged in the mission of the Congregation through their interest and monetary support. Together, we strive to create opportunities to liberate through justice and love. Your generous contributions help us to:

  • Subsidize the Sisters' ministries to the economically disadvantaged;
  • Care for our elderly and infirm sisters;
  • Support vocation, formation, and ongoing educational programs;
  • Contribute toward our operational expenses;
  • Respond to various needs as they arise

Time marches on and though our Congregation is smaller in number, our vitality and our commitment to the mission remain strong. We carry many of the same concerns:

  • Meet the normal demands of living expenses for the sick and elderly
  • Maintain our buildings and provide adequate housing for our sisters in active ministry
  • Maintain our facilities equipment in good working condition or, when necessary, replace outdated equipment
  • Provide living expenses for sisters who serve in non or under-funded ministries and who are involved in direct service to the poor
  • Support actions and initiatives vital to maintaining the integrity of our mission.

We are concerned for those among you who are presently without employment or are presently confronted with pressing financial challenges. May our gracious God bless you abundantly for your great generosity towards the Sisters of Holy Cross.

For Development, please contact:

Sr. Suzanne Levesque, CSC
603-622-9504 x509

Ways to Give

  • Bequest / planned giving
  • Matching gifts
  • Memorial gift in honor of a loved one
  • Annual appeal
  • General donation
  • Use Holy Cross Remembrance Prayer Cards. This is a special way to remember family, friends, and loved ones. Those enrolled share in the masses, prayer, and works of the Sisters of Holy Cross. Sympathy, Get Well, and Birthday cards can be obtained through the Development Office.
  • Be a companion on our journey by asking to be placed on our mailing list. We publish a newsletter three times a year that might be of interest to you.

The Sisters of Holy Cross are a not-for-profit organization. Any contribution may be deductible. Checks should be written to: Sisters of Holy Cross.

Remembrance Gift Cards

Celebrate a birthday, anniversary or jubilee, send get-well wishes or express your sympathy with a Remembrance Gift to the Sisters of Holy Cross. The card you send will express your wishes and guarantee prayers from the Sisters.

Pictured below are a few of the cards we have to offer. You may call the development office or write to us and we will mail them to you. Keep some of our cards on hand and send us a donation only when you use them.


To Make a Donation

Donate Online

Donations can be made with a credit or debit card through PayPal, the fastest and easiest way to send money online. Be assured that your credit card information will be secure.

Donate by Mail

Please make checks payable to Sisters of Holy Cross and send to:

Sisters of Holy Cross 
Development Office
365 Island Pond Road 
Manchester, NH 03109-4811

Sisters of Holy Cross

In 2017 we celebrated the 175th Anniversary of the founding of the three feminine branches of the Congregation of Holy Cross. Our hearts overflow with gratitude and humility to the God of our Yesterdays, Todays and Tomorrows, and to our Founder, Basil Moreau, who has entrusted us with the mission of "Liberation through Education."

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Please Help

Please consider making a donation to help the Sisters of Holy Cross.


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