In Loving Memory

Sister Pauline C. Plant (Sr. Mary Antonine)

March 5, 1936 – March 9, 2020

Sr. Pauline Plant, CSC passed away peacefully at the Holy Cross Health Center on March 9, 2020.  Sr. Pauline entered the Congregation of the Sisters of Holy Cross in 1954 and pronounced her final vows in 1961. She was a junior high school teacher in New Hampshire, Connecticut and Massachusetts. In 1970 she was named the principal of St. Augustine School in Manchester. She was also a part time student at Rivier College and served as secretary of St. Anthony School in Manchester and later the director of religious education in Windham.

In 1978, Londonderry House was opened where Growth Counseling took place and Pauline's gifts of listening, kindness and acceptance provided an atmosphere of trust. In 1993 her dream of a big white farmhouse in Pittsfield became a reality. BERAKAH, a Place of Blessing, a sabbatical program for women who came from around the world, benefited from Pauline’s gifts. She will be remembered and sadly missed by all who knew her and by many who participated in the program from around the world.

Sister Lorraine D. Doucet (Sr. Mary Lucien of the Cross)

May 15, 1938 – February 4, 2020

Sister Lorraine D. Doucet (Sr. Mary Lucien of the Cross) was born in Manchester, NH on May 5th, 1938. She pronounced her final vows in 1968. She became a Ph.D. candidate at Clark University in Worcester, Mass.

Sister Lorraine was a junior high school teacher in New Hampshire and Connecticut. In 1967 she became an Associate Professor of Biology at Notre Dame College and later was named Chair and Professor of Biology. She was later hired as an Associate Professor, Laboratory Supervisor and Environmental Safety Supervisor at UNH. In 2000 she received the Dean’s Award from UNH in recognition of her “excellence of service to the greater Manchester Community and University of New Hampshire.” She remained at UNH until her retirement in 2012. Sr. Lorraine was 81 years of age and spent 52 years of her life in the Congregation of the Sisters of Holy Cross.

Sister Marie E. Jalbert, CSC

July 17, 1950 – September 21, 2019

Sister Marie was born in Springfield, MA on July 17, 1950. She attended schools in Springfield and earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Theology from St. Paul University in Ottawa, ONT, Canada.

She served in the US Air Force as a medic during the Vietnam War in Florida and in Japan. She served as a member of the Sisters of Holy Cross for 46 years. Her mission in Canada was a liturgy coordinator and pastoral associate on the palliative care unit for 38 years. Sister Marie also served as an auditor for the Diocese of St. Boniface Marriage Tribunal and ministered at parishes in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. She became a certified LNA upon her return to the US.

She will be missed by many. She was a universal person with a big heart. She had a wonderful gift of always making you feel welcomed and cared for. You were comfortable with her. She was real, she was an artist with a deep soul.

God speed Marie… your presence will always be with us.

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