In Loving Memory

Sr. Marguerite R. Gravel, CSC (Sr. Alphonse de Naples)

January 31,1932 – March 24, 2024

Sister Marguerite Gravel was born in Springfield, MA on January 31, 1932. Sister entered the Sisters of Holy Cross congregation in 1950 and pronounced her final vows in 1957. She earned a BA from Assumption College in Worcester, MA. She taught schools for many years in Manchester and Nashua, NH, North Grosvenordale, CT, and Attleboro, MA. Sister Marguerite also taught ESL in the Bronx, NY and was later manager of St. Charles Jubilee Senior Center in Brooklyn, NY from 1991-1993.

Sister Marguerite served as a missionary for 10 years in S.E. Alaska from 1973 to 1983. She founded the Sisters of Holy Cross mission in Lima, Peru in 1987 and served in Mali, W. Africa in 1993.

Upon returning to Manchester, Sister Marguerite worked at the Hillsboro County Department of Corrections for 12 years.

Sister Marguerite was a sister of Holy Cross for 73 years.

Sr. Francoise Savoie, CSC

August 11, 1943 – February 23, 2024

Sr. Frances was born in Gonic, New Hampshire on August 11, 1943. She was a Sister of Holy Cross for 63 years. She held many administrative positions throughout her lifetime and was also instrumental in the planning and overseeing of many constructions throughout the 34 years she was a foreign missionary in Peru. Those constructions included sewing centers, libraries, homes, classrooms, residences for abused women and for college students.

Prior to leaving for Peru she taught school in Massachusetts at New Bedford and Springfield and in New Hampshire at Franklin and Nashua, where she also served as principal and vice-principal.

Sr. Frances was also one of the foundresses of the Holy Cross Peruvian Missions. She touched the lives of many people, especially the Aymaran population of Puno and Tacna. She was also a survivor of a Peruvian airplane crash in 1988.

Sr. Frances left this earthly life too quickly. She will be missed every day but her memory will never fade away. The world is a better place because of her and her spirit lives on.

Rest in Peace, Sr. Francoise.

Sr. Germaine C. Goyette, CSC

March 2, 1929 – January 18, 2024

Sr. Germaine was born in Manchester on March 2, 1929. She was a Sister of Holy Cross for 73 years. She entered the Congregation in 1950 and pronounced her final vows in 1957. She earned a bachelor’s degree from Notre Dame College in Manchester and two Master’s degrees, one in Education from the University of Liberal Arts in North Adams, MA and the other in Psycho-Theology from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA.

Sr. Germaine taught and was principal for several years in Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Hampshire. She also taught English for 2 years at Notre Dame International School in Rome, Italy. She supervised student teachers for several years at Notre Dame College, Southern NH University and Rivier University.

In retirement she volunteered as an ESL teacher at Holy Cross Family Learning Center, prepared children to enter Church through the RCIC program at St. Pius X Parish in Manchester and did some tutoring while a resident at Holy Cross Health Center.

Sr. Germaine is survived by her large family of loved and loving nieces and nephews and by a lifetime of friends, especially her best friend, Lorraine with whom she attended St. Anthony School and High School beginning in kindergarten.  She will be remembered very lovingly.

Rest in Peace.

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