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Our 2023 Jubilarians

Congratulations to all of our Jubilarians! Let us give thanks and rejoice as we celebrate and thank God for the gift of all these dedicated women.

Sister Jeannette Landreville receives this year’s St. Joseph the Worker Award

The Catholic School’s Office for the Diocese of Manchester has selected Sister Jeannette Landreville as the recipient of this year’s St. Joseph the Worker Award.

This award goes to a volunteer who gives their time to serve in our Catholic Schools. We are proud of all that Sister Jeannette has done over the years for our school and are honored that she will receive this award.

Sister Jeannette was recognized and receive the award at this year’s Catholic School Gala on Thursday, June 16th at the Double Tree Hilton in Manchester.

Our 2022 Jubilarians

Our 2021 Jubilarians

June 3, 2021: Our Own "Bambi"

Today's excitement at the Manor was the discovery of a very young fawn that had fallen into one of the "window wells" in the front of the building. This little creature fit through the bars of the fence and was found huddled in a corner where it had fallen. Dianne in Hairdressing could hear what sounded like the cries of a baby. Pete from Maintenance rescued the fawn from the well and placed it in the garden in the front of the building. It looked like a garden ornament as it rested without budging after its ordeal. Fish and Game was called and their advice was to leave it alone. They assured us that the mother was definitely in the wings and would come rescue her baby when the coast was clear. Once rested enough, "Our Bambi" crossed the street much to everyone's concern since there's a lot of traffic on Island Pond Road that travels too fast. No one wanted to see this beautiful little animal hit by a car and left on the side of the road.

Fish and Game was right... its mother showed up and our own little Bambi was rescued and, undoubtedly, given the riot act about not following Mom's directives not to stray too far from her. What a beautiful way to start the day - especially that it ended well!

Sisters of Holy Cross

In 2017 we celebrated the 175th Anniversary of the founding of the three feminine branches of the Congregation of Holy Cross. Our hearts overflow with gratitude and humility to the God of our Yesterdays, Todays and Tomorrows, and to our Founder, Basil Moreau, who has entrusted us with the mission of "Liberation through Education."

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