Issue 112 - April 30, 2019


On March 3, 2019, four women made a new step in Holy Cross by entering the novitiate in Lima, Peru: Wide Guerlande Jean from Haiti, and from Burkina Faso, Béatrice Tounwendinda Ilboudo, Matilde Wenwaoga Compaoré, and Roseline Gueswendé Nikièma. This day was first preceded by two days of retreat animated by Sister Agnes to help prepare us to enter the desert, like Jesus after his baptism. On the afternoon of March 3, the communities of Luz de María, Pueblo Libre and the sisters of the novitiate were witness to a simple ceremony in the novitiate chapel that concluded with the sharing of a meal. We thank you for your presence and prayers. During the ceremony, Sister Celine Martel did not hesitate to ask us to be witnesses of the Risen One, and Sister Hermelinda, on behalf of the Congregation, welcomed us with meaningful blessings and wishes.

Below are the wishes expressed by the novices:

  • Self-knowledge
  • Personal growth in freedom
  • Knowledge of Jesus and a deepening of the relationship with Him
  • Availability and abandonment
  • Knowledge of Holy Cross
  • Knowledge of Basil Moreau
  • Knowledge of the sisters, their rules, their life
  • Recognition of the voice of God and responding to it
  • Integration and sharing with the people
  • Good witnessing by the sisters
  • Accompaniment

In the end, we await the grace of God for the realization of this project.

We ask for prayer and assistance.
Thank you very much,
The novices

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