Current Issue - Issue 71 - March 22, 2017


On February 8, 2017, we got together in the retreat house of the Dominican Missionary Sisters of the Rosary (Colegio de Jesús, Lima) meeting with our religious sisters,associates and NFC (New Forms of Consecration);the atmosphere throughout was really nice.

Our encounter was very participative this time, and,as every year, it was delightful to be gathered with all the sisters who had arrived from their places of insertion: Chile, Tacna, Puno, Canto Grande and Lima. It was a great joy to see Sister Raymonde, Congregational Assistant.

We had been working in Mission Groups, assessing objectives and our accomplishments of 2016. We can say we have achieved 90% of what we had aimed at. With a renewed spirit, we hope to carry out our 2017 project successfully.

One of the priorities, where we will continue giving each other support, is to work towards a society without human trafficking.

The main task here is to stay vigilant when dealing with this human-rights abuse, and to raise awareness among children, the young and adults. We will keep searching for opportunities where we will be able to work towards giving support to so many of those that need guidance.

Environmental protection was also much spoken about during the meeting. We tried to internalize the concept and find ways to protect our common home.

Our commitment is to keep working for the sake of our society, in a spirit of union.

María Elena López Castro
Holy Cross Associate

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