Sisters of Holy Cross Newsletter - Summer/Fall 2017 Issue


By Pauline Morneau, CSC

Yes, it is sadly that the Sisters of Holy Cross are saying good bye and thank you for the many years of love, joy, and challenges. On July 31, 2017 we left Infant Jesus Parish in Nashua, NH, where we served for 197 years (1910—2017).

The History of our stay is extraordinary! As we reminisce, we recall stepping into the 1910 building to greet 235 students. Two sisters of Holy Cross resided at the convent at St. Louis-de-Gonzague and walked back and forth to Holy Infant Jesus for four years. On occasion (most likely in the winter) they traveled by horse and buggy.

In 1914 a convent wing was added to the chapel only to be destroyed by the 1930 fire that took 125 homes and buildings, among them the church and school. A woman generously offered her home to the five sisters and chose to move in with her sister. During these trying times the sisters continued their mission on scattered sites until the new convent was built in 1931. Again in 1955, another fire destroyed the convent. Four years later the present brick building was built and even provided an entrance directly into the school. Providently, the trials and blessings at Infant Jesus Parish brought the community together in prayer, friendship and strength.

Though we mourn our departure from this strong and noble parish, we know that the pa-rishioners understand our own aging and losses of personnel. We pray that Infant Jesus Parish (now known as Blessed John XXIII) will be blessed and remain strong as it was in years past! The Sisters of Holy Cross will be ever grateful for your support, care and love. You remain in our hearts and prayers!

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